Presidents of Auburn University

1859-1861 Reverend William Jeremiah Sasnett
1866-1872 Doctor James Ferguson Dowdell
1872-1882 Doctor Isaac Taylor Tichenor
1882-1883 Doctor William Leroy Broun
1883-1884 Colonel David French Boyd
1884-1902 Doctor William Leroy Broun (Second Term)
1902-1919* Doctor Charles Coleman Thach
1920-1928* Doctor Spright Dowell
1928-1932 Doctor Bradford Knapp
1935-1947* Doctor Luther Noble Duncan
1947-1965 Doctor Ralph Brown Draughon
1965-1980 Doctor Harry Melvin Philpott
1980-1983 Doctor Henry Hanly Funderburk
1983-1984 Doctor Wilford Sherrill Bailey
1984-1992 Doctor James Everett Martin
1992-2001 Doctor William Van Muse
2001-2004 Doctor William Fred Walker
2004-2007 Doctor Edward Ray Richardson
2007-2017 Doctor George Jay Gogue
2017- Doctor Steven Leath

* Doctor O. D. Smith, appointed by the faculty, served as president pro tem for a short period during 1902. Doctor Bennett Battle Ross, at the request of the Board of Trustees, served as Acting President during a period 1919-1920. A committee composed of Dean John J. Wilmore, Professor Bolling Hall Crenshaw and Doctor Luther Noble Duncan conducted the affairs of the institute during 1932-1935.

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