Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement

The Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) asks new freshmen about their academic and co-curricular experiences in high school and their expectations for the first year of college. BCSSE results produce nine first-year indicators for each student:

  • Quantitative Reasoning (HS_QR) measures high school engagement with analysis and numerical information
  • Learning Strategies (HS_LS) measures use of effective learning strategies in high school
  • Collaborative Learning (EXP_CL) measures expectation to interact and collaborate with peers
  • Student-Faculty Interaction (EXP_SFI) measures expectation to interaction and engage with faculty
  • Interactions with Diverse Others (EXP_IDO) measures expectation to interact with peers different from themselves
  • Expected Academic Perseverance (EXP_PER) measures student certainty that they will persist in the face of academic adversity
  • Expected Academic Difficulty (EXP_DIF) measures expected academic difficulty during the first year of college
  • Perceived Academic Preparation (PER_PREP) measures student perception of their academic preparation
  • Importance of Campus Environment (IMP_CAMP) measures student-rated importance that the institution provides a challenging and supportive environment
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