Education to Accomplish Growth in Life Experiences for Success Program

Inclusive Postsecondary Education at Auburn University

“War Eagle!” is a greeting shared across the Auburn campus and throughout the Auburn Family. The iconic eagle represents the Auburn spirit and the strength that is within all of us. It is therefore fitting that Auburn University’s new postsecondary education program for students with intellectual disabilities be known as EAGLES.

Why Auburn University?:Because THIS IS AUBURN. Auburn University’s mission is defined by its commitment to ALL Alabamians through our land-grant traditions of service and access. The University will provide traditional and non-traditional students broad access to the institution’s education resources. Auburn University believes in the human touch and mutual helpfulness that brings happiness for ALL.

About the EAGLES Program: The Auburn University Education to Accomplish Growth in Life Experiences for Success program, dubbed “EAGLES” is a postsecondary education program for students with intellectual disabilities. EAGLES provides an opportunity for students with intellectual disabilities to engage in a multi-year campus residential experience (e.g., two-year basic non-degree program, four-year advanced non-degree program for eligible participants). The program’s focus areas are to: (1) increase independence, (2) improve leadership and advocacy skills, (3) prepare for employment, and (4) develop life skills (e.g., social, self-determination/awareness). The program is housed within the College of Education, Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling, at the Auburn Transition Leadership Institute, which specializes in programs for students with disabilities.

Program Goals: The goal of the EAGLES program is to prepare students with intellectual disabilities to achieve and maximize their potential as they transition to become contributing members of society. This program will provide an on-campus, inclusive postsecondary education. The curriculum focuses on academics, social and career development, and health awareness.

EAGLES Enrollment: The program is anticipated to begin in fall 2018 with up to six students. The EAGLES program will be held during each 9-month academic year. Applications will be accepted throughout the year with interviews conducted for fall enrollments during the spring.

Supported by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008: The provision for programs such as EAGLES is provided by the HEOA (2008). The act supports students with intellectual disabilities and provides the opportunity to engage in degree, certificate, or non-degree programs. Specific requirements have been outlined and students are expected to maintain satisfactory progress in the program in accordance with standards established by Auburn University.

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