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This is Transition. Building brighter futures for youth and young adults with disabilities.
ATLI Mission

The mission of the ATLI is to help youth with disabilities achieve successful integration into community life by providing continuous
improvement resources to the systems, practitioners, and citizens who assist these young people with their transition to adulthood.

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Our Projects & Activities

Alabama Transition Conference Button

The annual Alabama Transition Conference offers three days of professional and personal development for transition stakeholders.

This conference provides a forum through which the participants are able to enhance their knowledge and skills on best practices, learn of exemplary and innovative programs and services, and mutually explore contemporary issues, problems, and solutions relating to the transition process for youth and young adults with disabilities.

Transition Unlimited Program Button

Transition Unlimited is an Alabama pre‐employment transition services (Pre‐ETS) initiative designed to build capacity and connect services to appropriately

implement pre‐employment transition services throughout the state. The goal of the initiative is to provide guidance to transition stakeholders and local education agencies during the development of action plans for the delivery of Pre-ETS that best meet the needs of students with disabilities who are eligible or potentially eligible for vocational rehabilitation services. Overall, Transition Unlimited underscores our commitment to keep a focus on transition services at the local level.

eagles program Button

The Auburn University Education to Accomplish Growth in Life Experiences for Success program, dubbed "EAGLES" is a postsecondary education program for students

with intellectual disabilities. EAGLES provides an opportunity for students with intellectual disabilities to engage in a multi-year campus residential experience (e.g., two-year basic program, four-year advanced program for eligible participants). The program’s focus areas are to: (1) increase independence, (2) improve leadership and advocacy skills, (3) prepare for employment, and (4) develop life skills (e.g., social, self-determination/awareness). The program is housed within the College of Education, Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling, at the Auburn Transition Leadership Institute, which specializes in programs for students with disabilities.

RISE Initiative

The RISE Initiative, or Real Impact on Student Engagement and Experiences Initiative, is a student-led initiative focused on engaging the Auburn University student body in programs that support inclusion for all,

hosted within the Auburn Transition Leadership Institute, or ATLI. At ATLI, we work to successfully transition those with disabilities into community life by providing transition stakeholders with the support and resources to do so. Through this initiative, ATLI hosts a volunteer hub sponsoring campus community events, which includes: the peer mentoring hub for WINGS, or Warmhearted Individuals Nurturing Great Success peer mentors; offering disability awareness and etiquette training; creating events that support the Auburn University EAGLES Program; the annual Alabama Transition Conference; and more. We know that the student body at Auburn University can play an integral role in this important process. Through personal experience, we believe that interacting with young adults with disabilities will have both a substantial impact on their life and a profound impact on yours as well.

Directions Newsletter Button

The Directions newsletter is designed to highlight stories regarding students with disabilities and their transition process.           

This biannual ATLI publication also serves as a venue to meet transition stakeholders and learn about new programs designed to assist in-service and pre-service professionals in improving transition in the state of Alabama.

Resources Button

A resource link of transition-related agencies, organizations, and services for youth and young adults with disabilities and their parents.


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Last Updated: January 31, 2018
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